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Tomey's Original No. 1 Spicy BBQ Sauce

Tomey's Original No. 1 Spicy BBQ Sauce

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The spicy version of your favorite Original No. 1 sauce. This has habanero, chipotle and cayenne peppers to increase the heat but not too hot. Right to the edge!! 

Tomey’s Original #1 Red is a tangy, sweet with a little heat sauce that is just right for pulled pork or chicken. Friends and family love it on chicken strips, ribs, grilled chicken, salmon, tofu and perfect on bbq pizza. When you first taste it, you are grabbed by the richness of the different spices and aromatics, the sweet tanginess and then a little warmth on the end. Just a great all-around sauce that you will always have on the table – just like my Mom’s family did when I was growing up. 

We are a small batch bbq sauce company. We are proud to offer our sauces to your family.

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